Daily Stoicism: Epictetus

Stick With Your Own Business:

Other people’s business does not concern you. Once you abolish all desires to know others’ business, you are immune to the persuasion of others. You are unable to be held back by the trivial accounts of others. You are free from their concerns and able to focus solely on your affairs. You can now approach life in the most effective manner. By not immersing yourself in others quarrels, you don’t hurt yourself or attain enemies.



4 thoughts on “Daily Stoicism: Epictetus

  1. Victor Amerigo,
    this is one concept I tend to live by wholeheartedly! In my thinking why should i bother getting involved in situations or arguments about things that:

    1. I have no control over it
    2. Does not benefit me in any way

    I feel that its a waste of time to dwell in those types of situations! For example the ongoing nonsense of Trump that are infiltrating the airwaves these days are making people go mad!


    Whether hes won fair and square or not, what affect does it give you? If you are your own man you will know how to survive and live. We as Humans are adaptable to any environment so why get your panties in a bunch! It will not affect me as my life will continue to go on as it were before Trump came into the Office. Me I’m just stepping back and watching the people of this great country go at each others throats! Its a great opportunity to progress further while no one is looking!

    Great article Victor!

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      1. Exactly we need to stop being a society who cannot function on their own accord rather depend on strangers to think for them. When i see hear and see this it just makes me so angry!


      2. I know it can be frustrating but there’s no need to get riled up. Everyone evolves at different rates so all we can do it try to guide them (not forcefully) down the path of self-improvement.


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