The Power of One: How to Change the World

The Power of One: How to Change the World

Changing the world is not for everyone. It is an ambitious goal but we all have the innate ability to do it. We must use every moment we have to attain this goal. Behaviors of true revolutionaries like Marcus Aurelius, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, and so on are what we need to imitate. These men were educators, inventors, writers, philosophers, politicians; the list goes on. In order to change the world you must hone every skill you have. You must not only focus on one strength. Specialization is for ants.

Habits of Revolutionaries

Read: Read, read, read. There is no better education than by reading and applying what you learn. The little leisure time that you do have, because you will be busy changing the world, should be spent escaping away in a book learning about a person, event, or philosophy and applying what you learned. Say you read a biography, you model the same behaviors that he had in order to achieve similar things that he did. You read about a historical event? Use what you learned to make sure, depending on whether it was good or bad, that you replicate it or that it never happens again. You read a book on philosophy? You enact those methods of thinking to yourself to see positive changes. Become as educated as you can in order to know how the world works so you can change it with greater ease.

Do not Drink/Use Drugs: To truly change the world you need to have all of your mental capacities present at all moments. You can not afford to spend a whole night (most cases the next morning too) just to accomplish nothing. No man ever accomplished anything in an intoxicated state.

Do not Waste Time on Trifling Matters: Similar to above, there is no need to see that new movie with your favorite actor in it. You gain absolutely nothing from watching movies, playing video games, lurking on social media, etc. Get as far away from these trivial pursuits and better yourself instead so you can then quickly better humankind.

Be Frugal and Industrious: Blunt truth, in order to change the world you need money to fund the projects that better humanity. Do not be completely disheartened though if you are not in the best financial standing for this money does not need to come out of your pocket. If you work hard enough, people will notice and have faith in you when you come up to them asking to fund an ambitious project. However, the best way to accumulate wealth is by spending only on necessities and working diligently enough to acquire more money than you need.

Be Perceptive: In order to change the world, you must be perceptive enough to know what needs changing to better mankind. Benjamin Franklin is the epitome of perceptiveness. He found the need for education, protection, and health. Franklin founded the first free public library, the nation’s first fire station, and the nation’s first hospital. He noticed how inefficient fireplaces were so he made his own that used a fourth of the wood and produced twice the heat.

What To Do

Educate Others: This is the first step and out of all of these, possibly the easiest. Do whatever in your power to educate and inform others. This can be done by publishing books, blogging, being a journalist, having local speeches, and anything else that just gets your ideas out there. This platform you set up will eventually be used to prime your listeners into supporting and funding your future projects.

Learn Something New: If your expertise is engineering then learn rhetoric; if your expertise is business then learn science, etc. Despite popular belief, no one will do anything great with their lives if they only specialize. By specializing, you are making yourself only a cog in the machine.

Branch Out: Associate with the greats of the field that you hope to make a positive change in. It is tremendously difficult to contact the top of the food chain. By reading everyday you will gain rhetoric and eloquence so that you are able to persuade higher ups to spend a couple minutes of their time with you. You can always find someone in your network that may have contact with someone you would like to speak with.

Fulfill Your Civic Duty: Unless you do master the art of frugality and are industrious, you most likely will not have copious amounts of money to spend on the issues you’d like or to support yourself for a presidential run like Trump. You need to be in the position to change issues that matter in order to positively change the world. Just start locally first, this way you can still possibly hold your job. Go to Run for Office to see what positions you can hold and familiarize yourself with their duties.

Putting it All Together: To serve as an example, you probably realize the growing problem of boys abandoning their masculinity. If you notice a problem, do what you can to change it. The key is to start locally (Facebook started as a network for Harvard students but now has +1.5 billion monthly users). Get volunteers from your work, neighborhood, or place of worship to mentor the youth. It does not have to be a grand organization, it just has to be something, no matter how small at first. Build from the ground up.


Understand that you will not be ready to change the world tomorrow. This process of self-improvement will take years to finish. I myself still have about a decade before I can do as much as I would like to better the world. You can set yourself up now to positively affect the world later by embodying the traits of noble men before us. Do not become impatient, always remember the end goal.


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