Why We DO Need Equal Amounts Women and Men in Some Fields

Why We DO Need Equal Amounts Women and Men in Some Fields

Despite what feminists say, with many jobs it really does not matter if it is dominated by men or women, so long as they get their jobs done well. It is only when you see people in their respective fields doing a disservice to those they serve that you can start to question if having that field dominated by one sex is bad or not. Typically these are fields that deal with the human mind, not tangible objects. A road is a road, whether it was constructed by a man or woman. However, it is possible for a boy to not become a man depending on whether his teacher is a man or woman.

Nursing and Psychiatry

There is an epidemic spreading rapidly today, suicide. Suicide rates have continued to increase at almost all ages (only 75+ saw a decrease). The gender ratio for suicide is 4:1, with males at the short end of the stick. You will find many articles on what cultural tendencies may cause this great gender divide but one important fact is this, women dominate the fields of nursing and psychiatry.

86.9% of all nurses and psychiatrist are women. Sure, they may be very well read but they lack the innate ability to connect with the majority of their patients on a personal level. What is very telling is that women have higher rates of mental health disorders than men, what normally precedes suicide. But even with this occurrence, men commit suicide at a much higher rate than women, this allows us to assume that psychiatry is more effective for women. Why is it more effective for women? Because women have spent their entire lives knowing how women work while only dedicating a couple semesters of their 4-12 years in college learning about the inner mechanisms of men.


More fields dominated by women are primary and secondary education (81% and 57.2% of the workforce are women, respectively). Again, this is great for females in public education but the boys suffer. What is especially noticeable today is that boys need to have many positive male role models at an early age or else they become confused with their identity, depressed, and effeminate. Our ancestors knew this and would “initiate” boys by taking them away from all female interaction for awhile and teach them manhood; many tribes today still have this practice. Now I’m not saying we need to go to these lengths anymore but we do need more masculine influence for boys. The repercussions of not having any male role model is discussed in much greater detail in Iron John, by Robert Bly. I definitely recommend reading this book.

Boys at a young age are filled with vitality, competitiveness, and a thirst for risk and adventure. Female teachers don’t understand how boys are so competitive and full of energy so they scrutinize them for not being like their more cool, calm, and collected female peers. They misunderstand boys’ abundance of energy and medicate them for ADHD. They prescribe Ritalin to boys at a rate nine times higher than girls. They misunderstand boys’ healthy competitiveness and tell them to not “kick the ball so hard” during recess. Luckily, some female teachers are starting to recognize this behavior in themselves. We can only hope this helps change our current state.

Boys learning to suppress their natural tendencies during primary and secondary education could be the reason that we see such high rates of suicide later in their life when they become adults. The loss of vitality in boys and men is the greatest travesty of modern education.


It is important that we keep the natural flow of life and make sure that one sexual energy is not more repressed than the other. We cannot oppress females nor males in society. Understand what fields can be negatively affected if they are dominated by one sex and do what you can to negate that effect. Whether you are young and debating on pursuing these careers, you are needed. If you already have a career established, do your part to educate where and when you can. The first place to start is with the young in your family. Offer a helping hand if another man reaches for yours because it is likely that after all his searching, he could not find anyone to help him. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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